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Upgrade of Email Settings for secure SSL access to pop3/imap/smtp protocols


We have upgraded our services to provide secure (ssl/tls) access to email communctions.   This upgrade will help protect your email passwords and content while in public locations such as hotspots and other open networks.


Customers will need to update there devices/software programs to reflect this change.


for devices such as Iphone/Android phones, enabling security require changing "port" numbers and enableing 

security SSL settings.


the following is a step by step guide which provides configuration screens noting the secure SSL settings to check.


Iphone/Ipad Email Setup


Outlook Email Setup


NOTE:   The changes will include changing the incoming and outgoing port for your protocol used POP3, IMAP, SMTP 

Following the step step guide will give you the NEW port numbers to use.


NOTE: if prompted that the security certificate could not be verified,  click continue , you may click view certificate to verify by looking for * domain name in the information.

NOTE: to avoid the above verification step you may configure your incoming and outgoing mail server host names to [userid] , you will need to replace [userid] with your accounts main userid.


port changes

OLD       NEW

110  => 995

143  => 993

25    => 587

2525 => 2525 or 587


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